Anti-ragging Committee

Anti- Ragging Policy and Committee

Indas Mahavidyalaya has a strict, zero-tolerance policy towards ragging. The college educates students on what constitutes ragging, the destructive impact of it, as well as the expulsions and punishments of such activity. Students are educated through posters, banners. contact information of relevant anti-ragging authorities – including Govt. of Higher Education of West Bengal, Affiliating  University  and UGC  Guidelines is prominently displayed and promoted. 

Anti Ragging Committee

An Anti-Ragging Committee is formed to look into any complaints of ragging received. The committee includes all the senior professors and local OIC, Indas.

Meeting are conducted on a regular basis and surprise visits to different places like corridors, staircase, canteen, play ground etc.


List of Members of Anti-Ragging Committee 

As per UGC regulations, Indas Mahavidyalaya has constituted the Anti-Ragging committee and Anti-Ragging Squad Committee for the A.Y. 2023-24.  

List of Members of Anti Ragging Committee

Sl. No Name Designation Mobile Number
1 Dr.  Rajib Bag Principal 8617231199
2 Dr.  Uday Chand Saha HOD, Chemistry 9474493512
3 Dr. Tapas Ray HOD, Bengali 9732184439
4 Dr. Safia Yasmin HOD,Physics 8617424867
5 Sk. Asad Ali HOD, History 9002919799
6 Dr. Madhusudan Chakraborty HOD, Computer Sc. 6295898750
7 Mr. Dibyajyoti Das HOD, English 9088062183
8 Mrs. Chaitali Samanta HOD, Political Science 9734142184
9 Dr.  Kaushik Mahapatra HOD, Philosophy 9800024369
10 Mr.  Vikram Das HOD, Botany 8961372223
11 Mr.  Jahurul Hossain HOD, Sanskrit 9732244894
12 Mr. Rafiqul Amin HOD, Zoology 8537083790
13 Mr. Debu Mali HOD, Mathematics 9339489778
14 Sk Hafizul Haque HOD, Environmental Science 7980355476
15 Mr. Atanu Ghar HOD, Physical Education & Sports 6294841704
16 Dr. Parimal Barman Assistant Professor 8918367433
17 Mrs.  Sangita Das Assistant Professor 9432855444
18 OIC or Representative OIC, Indas PS ------------------
19 BMOH or Representative BMOH, Indas --------------------


Anti Ragging Poster of UGC


Anti Ragging Circular towards students

 Ref:   Circular/IM/Anti-Ragging/2023-24/1                                             Date:16.08.2023


Instruction to Students  - Prohibition of Ragging

All the students are hereby informed that as  per order of Higher Education Department, Govt. of West  Bengal (Order No. 780-Edn (U)/ 10M-75/2018 date 14.08.2023 ) and UGC regulations on  curbing the menace of Ragging in Education Institutes, 2009 in the Gazette of India dt. 4th July,2009, ragging in any form is prohibited inside/outside the college campus.

Severe action as per law will be initiated against those students who indulge in such activity.



Circular Anti Ragging Measures

Ref:   Circular/IM/Anti-Ragging/2023-24/2                                  Date:16.08.2023


Anti Ragging Measures 2023-24


This is to inform all the 1st year students that all the necessary steps are taken to ensure ragging free environment in the college campus which include the following:

♦ The college has constituted Anti ragging committee for this purpose. This is available in notice board and also at college website.

♦ Further the Anti Ragging squad committee has been constituted for the purpose of observing, preventing and taking suitable action.

♦ The students are hereby advised that they need not hesitate to any member of the Anti ragging and squad committee for any grievance  arising due to any kind of misbehavior by a student.

♦ It is assured that once such an incident is established, severe action will be taken by the authorities against those responsible.

♦ Students may feel free to contact any authority of this college in case of any grievance or treat of Ragging