ICT Infrastructure

ICT  Infrastructure

ICT classes are now required in the teaching and learning process in order to assess students' progress, and they are commonly attended by students. Instead of facing a financial crisis, the college administration has prioritized the construction of IT facilities in campus. The college's unique IT infrastructure exists. The college features LAN and Wi-Fi capabilities with a 65 mbps speed. Teachers can easily conduct their classes using power-point presentations in a dedicated computer room (room number 215) and a virtual classroom (room number 201). Wi-Fi access for faculty, students, and office employees has been operational with success.


The official college website is regularly updated by the website committee. For its computer lab, the institute has utilized a variety of programmes, including OPAC, CAMS 3.0 and CAMS 4.0, Turbo C/C++, Java, Linux, and Python. Each department holds smart lessons using power point presentations with the aid of a laptop and projector for a better teaching-learning process. The library has a high-speed internet connection that makes activities run more smoothly. There are various tools for searching the INFLIBNET (N-LIST) e-database. 


All year long, general hardware maintenance, software installation, internet cable maintenance, and Wi-Fi network maintenance are carried out.


The college’s own  ERP was utilized to conduct lessons through audio and video as well as to upload and download study materials, test questions, and response scripts for both internal and practical exams during the COVID-19 epidemic. A lot of webinars had been planned using online tools like YouTube and Google Meet. Various cultural events are carried out by the relevant departments during the pandemic through internet platforms like Google Meet.