Institutional Distinctiveness

Institution  distinctive  priority and thrust 

The Indas Mahavidyalaya is situated in a rural, underdeveloped area. Local farmers donated the land, and local teachers and farmers raised money to build the college with the hope that their children would have access to affordable higher education close to their homes. Due to its geographic location, where a sizable portion of the student body comes from economically disadvantaged and weaker sections, our institution stands out because we have upgraded ourselves in accordance with the times and combined traditional teaching-learning methods with digital learning. Our main goal is to give our students the opportunity to pursue higher education at the lowest possible cost. During the pandemic, the official Facebook page and WhatsApp groups have served as efficient means of information sharing and student communication. For live Google Meet classes, the official YouTube channel and G-suite accounts are both used as useful teaching resources. With class notes and routine assessments, the learning management system is used effectively. Students from all departments can access the institutional repository, the digital library with e-books using INFLIBNET with a login.

To ensure a lower dropout rate, scholarships have been made available from both public and private sources. The mentor group's counselling of both students and frequently parents helps to guarantee that students complete their higher education goals before leaving the college.

To equip them with a variety of skills for self-reliance and entrepreneurship development as well as to prepare them for the workforce, skill-based training in python programming, soft skill development, basic computer training and mushroom cultivation is conducted outside of class hours.

In addition to regularly holding plantation programmes, camps cleaning program and water conservation program, the college also organises outreach programmes that involve the local underprivileged youth and involve them in the college's cultural events and athletic competitions. It also launched an initiative to educate rural women about the importance of eating a balanced diet at an affordable price

Therefore, our college is trying to develop a holistic learning environment by fusing traditional teaching-learning methods with ICT so that students not only become proficient in their particular subject but also grow into skillful persons, compassionate, responsible and devoted citizens of this country.