Message from Principal

Message from the Principal









Since its inception Indas Mahavidyalaya has committed itself to the goal of imparting higher education, ensuring holistic education and providing research and extra-curricular activities in the best possible manner in order to spread the benefit of higher education in a location which is relatively backward but has a glorious history of art and culture. Our vision has been to create a generation instilled with moral values and social responsibilities and we have never wavered from its goal of maintaining the highest intellectual standards through rigorous academic diligence and discipline.

As I start to pen my thoughts, a lot comes to my mind which I feel privileged to share with you all. As the Principal, I feel both awed and proud to be at the helm of a rich tradition that enables the students not only to thrive in academics but also to motivate them towards character building, leadership, extra and co-curricular activities. I am fortunate to have around me a dedicated and capable team of educators who have always been the driving force in the growth of the college. While not deviating from its initial and primary aim of providing the opportunity of higher education for the disadvantaged sections of society, the mission of the college is to make, within its limited means, knowledge acquired through higher education reach every deserving school pass-out who aspires to take admission to this institution and instill in him/ her a spirit of inquiry and free thinking.

To sum up, we envision a future wherein, through our untiring efforts and collective endeavours, our institution will attain a still higher place in the arena of learning and emerge as a beacon to the aspirants for quality education not only in Indas and its vicinity but also in the state as a whole. At the same time, we do hope that our students – former, present, and future – will play no less a role in raising their alma mater to a position of glory by making their own contribution to the process of nurturing a generation instilled with strong moral values and social responsibilities.

Best wishes and compliments to all of you.


Dr. Rajib Bag