Policy Document


The Environment & Energy Usage Policy of Indas Mahavidyalaya aims to manage energy in such a way that its environmental impact is minimised. The strategy calls for the exploration of renewable energy resources in order to lessen the government's burden and to identify substitute natural resources as answers to the energy dilemma. It will assist us in incorporating efficiency and environmental awareness into our daily actions, allowing us to recognise our obligations and dedication to natural resource conservation and utilisation. The college is committed to raising environmental awareness and implementing green projects to save energy and safeguard the environment.


Indas Mahavidyalaya  pledges to fulfill its commitment to the environment through following levels of action by:

    Phased manner changing of normal conventional lights to energy efficient LED lights. All new lights procured will be LED lights only.

    Timely switching off and switching on of street lights.

    Minimum use of heaters.

    Activate power management features on computer and monitor, so that it will go into a low power “sleep” mode when you are not working on it.

    Regular checking of leakage in water pipe lines and taps.

    Save water and save electricity stickers placed at prominent places.

    Conduct of different awareness campaign on “Save Water”, “Save Trees” & Save Electricity through lectures/different competitions etc.

    Vermi composting is also in practice for disposing the wet waste from canteen and also other biodegradable wastes.

    Tree plantation in Campus.

    Ensuring ban on single use plastic bags in campus.

    Waste collection bins (i.e. burnable, non-burnable & recyclable) and their management.

    Ensuring proper e-waste management.

    Initiation for paperless (e-office) & e-documents for routine work.

    Increasing use of digital library.