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                                                             Dr. Rajib Bag



Today the name of Indas Mahavidyalaya is not only known within the geographical boundaries of Indas. Within a short span, it’s fame has reached distant quarters. Our students have carried the twilight hues of learning and lit up other provinces too. It was not our goal to simply impart knowledge but that every single green bud should grow up into a vibrant and fragrant blossom radiating with grace. With the passage of time, our passion has grown and so has our dreams. Now we aim our institution to become a bright star of the great cultural heritage of Bengal by representing as well as enriching it’s insuperable legacy. It is not an exaggeration that since it’s nativity in 2006, under the affiliation of The University of Burdwan, at the heart of Khosbag, with the effort and benediction of the localites, it has taken huge strides to reach the gates of true greatness.

The blessed soil of Bankura has given us many great personalities. And Indas has secured a special niche in the district through its glorious contributions in various fields.  Extending in the fertile valley between the Damodar and the Dwarakeswar, Indas is blessed with greenery all around: from fields to forests, unlike the rest of the district. Indas extends its pathways on all sides, making it easily accessible from a host of important places of West Bengal and now it is also connected through the railways.  Whichever path one chooses to tread, it’s serpentine mazy motion across the lush green meadows is sure to make him enamoured.

At Indas College More, a young yet stout Banyan tree is there to salute the newcomer and mark his desired destination. And underneath passes a lane of concrete, leading to the throbbing walls of Indas Mahavidyalaya at a stone’s throw- standing aloft under the azure sky with sleepless lids and an unflinching dedication towards perfection.

The concept of true education and how it should be imparted has undergone considerable changes over the time. The requirements of the society as well as the individuals have also altered equally. The world’s population is growing with alarming rapidity. In the socioeconomic front- riddled with too many problems already, the relevance of bookish learning is gradually dropping. Naturally, the functional aspects of learning is on demand in the present scenario. The great ancient teacher and philosopher Confucius had remarked, “Learning without thought is labour lost and thought without learning can be fatal”. He referred to the fact that thoughtless learning is an exercise in futility whereas thought sans learning will lead to evil. This truth finds an apt realisation in the growth of artistic and scientific perceptions. Keeping this in mind, we have begun to fare our journey with a number of handpicked courses from the Arts and the Sciences   to suit the present need. And our enterprise has not gone without being hailed as commendably relevant by all.

Although Indas Mahavidyalaya has overcome the familiar hurdles within a short span of its nativity, the inadequacy of infrastructure still persists. We are hopeful that the collaborative effort of the concerned sections can eliminate the difficulties in quite near a future. Your thoughtful opinions and suggestions will surely propel this institution to new heights.

At present, the G.B. , the Teacher-in-charge, the teachers , the non-teaching staff and the Students' Union are  working hand in hand to lead the students to a bright and shining future.

Best wishes and compliments to all of you.

Let us come together to pray in the immortal words of the great Master of Poets.



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