About Library

About college central  library: 

Library is the education-bank of the college and updating of library facilities on a regular basis is a very essential part for providing the maximum benefit to students. The College Library was established at the very inception of the Institution. The central library is located on the first floor with reading room for students and teachers. The Library is well ventilated, lighted and aired to facilitate comfortable seating. The college library has been constantly improving with more number of books every session. The college purchases books time to time as per the available funds of the college or funds sanctioned by the government. The Library is fully computerized allowing functions like issue, return, OPAC search, and availability assessment of books, in an easy and user friendly way. We have bar-coded our document collections. Library books are well stacked in accordance with Dewey Decimal Classification System. Library Membership is offered to the current students and staff of the college.


Contact mail: centrallibrary.im@gmail.com