Code of Conduct

Code of conduct of Indas Mahavidyalaya


The Duties and functions of the teaching staffs of the college

1. Teaching staffs are to follow up their duties in the pattern of teachings, tutorials, value added courses, skill development, conducting seminars, workshops and  research based works with umpteen dedication.

2. To maintain priority in case of completion of course curriculum and routine as framed by the college.

3. To counsel students in moulding their career and future prospect in the sphere of higher education..

4. To induce the students with their course of studies and other humanistic activities.

5. To follow up their course of assignments cooperatively to conduct teaching learning process and other academic activities smoothly.

6. To impart updated information to the students in regard to academic activities and other co-curricular aspect for holistic development.

7. To follow up their assignment in the case of conducting examinations, invigilation, moderation and publication of academic results on time.

8. To participate in administrative and other academic activities being the member of the various committee and bodies or as may be required by the authority of the  college.

9. To assist the authority of the college by following up notices, orders etc in any form delivered to their end.

10. To assist in the academic activities, co curricular activities including community development activities among the students to help the society in a great sense.  

11.  To instigate the students to take part in NSS, NCC or other need based activities.



1. Students must be aware of their duty and responsibility in regard to their attendance in classes, tutorials, examinations etc.

2. No student will be allowed to enter or leave scheduled classes without prior permission.

3. Proxy attendance is  strictly prohibited.

4. Mobile Phones or any other electronic gadgets which could hinder the regular rhythm of imparting lectures is banned strictly.

5. Malpractices during any kind of examinations is to be dealt severely.

6. Students are advised to follow the notice board (online & offline) carefully.

7. Students must treat both the staffs, Teaching & Non-Teaching maintaining courtesy and decorum.

8. Students are expected to attend college maintaining a decent apparel and identity cards.

9. Students are not allowed to loitering about the corridors of the College during Class hours.

10. Students are not allowed to enter inside the campus with anything causing addiction.

11. Entry to Girls’ Common Room is strictly reserved.

12. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and breach of this regulation is a punishable offence.

13. Students should participate in seminars, workshops cultural programme as directed by the institution. 



1. All Employees should abide by the directives of the existing Governing Body, Deptt of Higher Education, Higher Education Council, UGC, MHRD, Bankura University and RUSA.

2. All stakeholders should be accountable to the College Office and to the Concerned Authority.

3. All stakeholders should respect to the dignity of their post or position in the College Office.

4. All stakeholders should comply to their duty on time and have the efforts up to the mark for the betterment of the college.

5. All stakeholders should be aware of the issue that harassment/discrimination in any way/form are strictly prohibited irrespective of gender, religion, caste and creed.