Training-Placement & Student Progression

Training Placement and Students' Progression

About Training Placement Cell

The importance of the placement cell in a college cannot be overstated. A placement cell is an essential part of any educational institution that helps students in finding job opportunities after graduation. It serves as a critical link between the academic world and the job market, ensuring that students have the best opportunities to secure jobs in their chosen fields after graduation.

Functionality of Training and Placement Cell

The placement cell of the institution works in coordination with the Training and Placement Cell of the Bankura university and communicates the information and latest news on job openings to the students for helping them secure their dream job and proper placement.

The institution also conducts diverse capacity building programmes from time to time to provide valuable resources, training, and opportunities for students to improve their skills and knowledge essentially sought after in the job market at large. The college also takes care to tap the progression of the graduating students to higher education as well as job recruitment. The institution aims to provide a comprehensive support mechanism to encourage and motivate its students for a smooth transition towards utility and employability.